Dimelo Linda!

In this episode las mujeres del salon are joined by Claudia Mendoza of The Mamichula Social Club to discuss their upcoming collaboration. Along with a cast of dynamic women and directed by Zulaika Velasquez, the ladies are performing their adaptation of Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues.

Claudia explains the importance of this production and how the Mamichula’s have teamed up with Latinas y Lideres to empower and inspire girls from under-resourced communities in the Dominican Republic, providing them the tools to become tomorrow’s leaders. With all three shows completely sold out, the ladies are donating all proceeds to benefit the Latinas Y Lideres Empowerment Camp.

The ladies go on to discuss what lack of education, exposure, and resources can mean to a young girl in an impoverished community. Isolation, helplessness, silence, and shame are tactics used by abusers to keep control of their victims. A U.N report says that 50,000 women a year are killed by intimated partners or family members.

Latinas y Lideres, The Mamichula Social Club, Director Zulaika Velasquez, and The Ladies of El Salon Chronicles want to keep the conversation going. Femicide is real and it is happening in our communities. It can no longer be ignored.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of domestic violence please reach out. 

National Domestic Violence Hotline 800.799.7233 or TTY 800.787.3224

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