Dimelo Linda!

Welcome to another episode of El Salon Chronicles. In this episode the ladies are joined by two very eligible bachelors Omar and Kevin.

This episode is a follow up to the 3rd episode Build-A-Man. How many of you ladies have said “There are no good men out there”? Well here the ladies have two amazing men. One is an ex prosecutor with his own practice and the other an ex con that’s paid his dues and has his shit together. 

They describe what they are looking for in a woman, why they haven’t been able to find a good one and their take on why women seem to be playing musical chairs when it comes to finding a good mate.

Have we become comfortable with being single? Are our expectations unrealistic? Have we subscribed to the fairy tale? or are we dating the predictable men in an endless loop of self fulfilling prophecy of unworthiness.

Tune in and join in this very entertaining conversation! Let us know your thoughts on this topic by DMing us via Instagram or emailing us at elsalonchronicles@gmail.com.

If you think you want to continue the conversation privately you can hit either one of our guests directly by sliding ass first into their DMs.

You can reach Omar @omaramo323 on IG and Kevin @syncere_soul on Instagram.

Now sit back, relax, grab your cafecito and get ready to be entertained by El Salon Chronicles.

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