Our indigenous ancestors recognized la luna’s power and held red tent ceremonies. Most women in “pre-modern” societies bled during a new moon; our bodies were synched with nature’s rhythms. Red tents were groups of women, on their periods, gathering in ceremony. They’d chant, dance, and go into deep meditation. In meditation, they’d ask for guidance on their personal lives and the collective. Red tents channeled the heightened intuition that accompanies the bleeding phase of our cycles. Our foremothers recognized our menstrual cycle’s connections to lunar cycles as magic. They understood that each phase of your cycle provides insight on how to move in life with more ease and less stress.
Every month, your cycle takes you on an emotional ride from young maiden to wise crone. Each of the four phases (menstruation, follicular, ovulation and luteal) provides its own wisdom on how to move through life with ease. For example, the follicular stage, after bleeding, resonates with a young maiden; it’s during this time that we have the most energy. Hormonal activities lead to increased physical stamina and sharpened mental focus. It’s the best time to plan and create. The bleeding phase corresponds to a wise old sage. Heightened intuition helps us go inward and reflect on the previous cycle’s lessons. Slowing down and taking extra care of yourself, in whatever way you can, is best during your bleeding phase. But many of us don’t know that we carry this power within, so we suffer. We push ourselves when we’re led to rest. The disconnect from our body doesn’t allow us to recognize how certain foods we eat, or company we keep, affects our cycles.
It is time to reclaim our blood and our bodies. Join the Brujas of Brooklyn, Mamichula Social Club, and El Salon Chronicles for this very special live recording of a Red Tent Event.

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