Dimelo Linda!

In this episode everyone has a rant, a chancletazo, and an opinion. Zuly fingered her car, Mari is calling out the baby mommas with the Golden Uterus Complex, and Liz is fed up con el Donald.

After airing things out, the ladies discuss The Sunk Cost Fallacy. The SCF is a decision making bias that doesn’t allow people to let things go simply because they’ve invested time, money, effort, or emotions into it.

The ladies explain how it’s sometimes best to throw in the towel. Give new opportunities a chance and remind everyone that there are always options. They also share a list of 7 tips on how to not feel like a failure when calling it quits.

So sit back, relax, grab your cafecito, and let El Salon Chronicles edutain you. 

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Episode 126 of Savvy Psychologist: How to Give Up


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