We are 1st Gen Dominican/Latinx with a lot to say.

Podcasts are a great source for honest conversation and community. Many conversations and questions are suppressed because people either think no one else will understand or they cannot identify others that look or sound like them to talk to. We are here to talk about. All the things we say in the comfort of our neighborhood salons will be discussed here with no shame or judgment.



Our Story

During a cathartic moment on the beach while on a girl’s trip, we started talking like most girlfriends do. We shared our fears and aspirations, we laughed, we cried and leaned on each other for assurance and support. It was then that we realized just how much we had shared, how good it felt to release and wondered if these types of conversations were being held elsewhere.

As avid podcast listeners, we are aware of what an intimate source of information, communication, entertainment, and education it can be. We also noticed that we didn’t find many that truly represented who we are. So we created our own and cast ourselves!

We are all from NYC. Daughters of immigrant parents and parents to millennials. 1st gen Dominican Latinx with careers, relationships, social lives and experiences.

We are bringing you the real tea UNCENSORED.

Meet the Hosts

Dimelo Linda!





I am a Latina – from Dominican Republic who is extraordinarily proud of my heritage.

I am a bi-lingual-Spanish, psychiatric social worker who has spent 20yrs working in the mental health and substance abuse fields helping people of all ages, social and financial status, identify coping skills and manage daily stress with the goal of finding emotional wellbeing and overall satisfaction with their lives.

Feeling empowered to take control of your life is very important.  This leads to happiness and deep fulfillment in our personal and professional lives.  I hope to inspire and help others find fulfillment to lead happy, productive and enriched lives.

I was born to a middle class family hailing from the Dominican Republic and raised in Washington Heights.  My experiences helped shaped my frame of thought and garner a desire to help the underserved. My career as a law enforcement officer helped bring a unique perspective to my social work career with insights that I would not have otherwise have had.

In 2015, I was devasted by a CANCER diagnosis. After a brief period of depression and overall feelings of loss “what do I do now?“ I reflected on my mantra – the INVICTUS poem and I drew strength from reading it repeatedly. I made a determination that CANCER was not going to define me but rather strengthen my resolve and overcome it. I did this for me first and secondly for my children. The road was arduous at times but I was assiduous nonetheless. CANCER was not going to control me – I was in control of my destiny.  I found strength in my wide network of supports and today I am stronger emotionally then I will ever be. I want to share my experiences and passion for life with everyone going through trauma, present or past and help heal them from the inside.

Join us on this journey with EL Salon Chronicles to be inspired!







Hey everyone! Welcome to the ESC page. Hope you enjoy getting to know us and always feel free to leave comments, suggestions and of course LOVE!

I was born and raised in Washington Heights,  also known as the “little Dominican Republic”.  Growing up in the ’80s was very interesting, the clothes, the music the Dominican parties, hasta la quince de la mañana has molded me to who I am today, an American born Dominican.

Both my parents immigrated from the bella Quisqueya to expand their horizon’s with the hopes of living that great American dream. Arriving in the United States young and full of ambition, they tackled every obstacle as best they could even if half the time they were lost in translation.  All this while keeping their Dominican roots well grounded and teaching me the values they learned from their parents.

I am now a single mother to a teenage boy who continuously teaches me new things. He is my pride and joy and without him, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I’ve come a long way and life hasn’t always been kind to me, but I am grateful for where I am today and wouldn’t change a thing. I am happy to be a part of this podcast. I now get to share my story of growing up Dominican, the good, the bad, the ugly, the taboos and the chismes.

Come and take this journey with me and my three beautiful friends.

Come learn about what this Dominican girl has to offer.

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Multitasking language ninja. Fountain of useless information. Proficient chancleta wielding mother of three.


that’s me.



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