El Salon Chronicles is a podcast based on the lives and experiences of five Dominican American women from New York


We are first Gen Dominican/Latinx with a lot to say!

Our podcast is a great source for honest conversation and community. Many conversations and questions are suppressed because people either think no one else will understand or they feel they cannot identity with others based on how they look or sound We are here to talk about all the things we say in the comfort of our neighborhood salons will be discussed here with no shame or judgment.


During a cathartic moment on the beach while on a girl’s trip, we started talking like most girlfriends do. We shared our fears and aspirations, we laughe we cried and leaned on each other for assurance and support. It was then that we realized just how much we had shared, how good it felt to release and wondered if these types of conversations were being held elsewhere.

As avid podcast listeners, we are aware of what an intimate source of information, communication, entertainment, and education it can be. We also noticed that we didn’t find many that truly represented who we are. So we created our own and cast ourselves!

We are all from NYC. Daughters of immigrant parents and parents to millennials. first generation Dominican Latinx with careers, relationships, social live and experiences.

We are bringing you the real tea UNCENSORED.